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We understand the challenges that life changes bring

Managing your time, your space and your belongings

Being organized and knowing that everything has a little home, gives clarity of mind, no more wasting time looking for lost objects or having to manage objects that have lost their use yet still take up space. 


Home Organization

Estate Clearing


Organize the kitchen and pantry

Set up bedrooms 

Organize clothing in closets and drawers

Set up bathrooms & linen cabinets

Organize office space

Set up dining room, living room & family room

Organize garage

Breaking up of boxes

Take care of the logistics


Gather heirlooms, important documents, digital assets for the owners to review.

Paper shredding

Sell and donate the rest

Empty the house trying to send to the landfill the least number of items.

Gather donations slips

Declutter, organize and get rid of excess

Add practical functionality to the home


Find the right place for everything


Long term solutions that will keep you organized

Home office set up and paper filling

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