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Let us put
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about us

 I always try to match the client's need for order with their own way of doing things; all while keeping it simple. 

Not only is time finite, but also space. We are always trying to balance our lives between work, home, leisure time, our relationships. It becomes a juggling act that is ever changing, regardless of where we are in life.


I believe in maximum organization with minimum effort in such a way that order is kept both in the short and long term. Every item has a “little house”. This way everything is easy to access and hard to lose. No more need to go and buy something (again!) because you cannot find it

If you need help unpacking, someone to coordinate clearing an estate or just some help getting organized, contact Order & Flow.

Member of the NAPO National Association of Professional Organizers.

About Shuly

picture of Shuly Hirsch. Owner

"I understand the challenges that come
with life changing events"


Managing your time, space and belongings

Being organized and knowing that everything has its own little house gives you peace of mind. No more wasting time looking for lost objects or having to manage stuff that has lost its use and still take up precious space. 


Home Organization


  • Declutter, organize and get rid of excess stuff

  • Add practical functionality to the home

  • Find the right place for everything (ie, finding every object's little house)

  • Long term solutions that will keep you organized

  • Home office set up and paper filling



  • Organize the kitchen and pantry

  • Set up bedrooms 

  • Organize clothing in closets and drawers

  • Set up bathrooms & linen cabinets

  • Organize office space

  • Set up dining room, living room & family room

  • Organize garage

  • Breaking up of boxes

Estate Clearing


  • Take care of the logistics; coordinate with family members and schedule  multiple vendors

  • Gather heirlooms, documents and digital assets for the owners to review

  • Paper shredding

  • Sell and donate the remainder of the estate

  • Empty the house while minimizing what gets sent to the landfill

  • Gather donation slips


We'll work with you to declutter and organize your space for maximum comfort and functionality.

Your new and improved habits will need practice. So we'll help you maintain your progress in the long term.​

Let’s talk about what you need
and what we can do to meet your organization goals

organized home office closet
organized shelf in a pre-existing

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What my clients have to say:

"I hired Shuly HIrsch to help move my mother from one assisted living facility to another. As we all know, it is stressful enough dealing with an elderly parent, never mind one who is legally blind, a borderline hoarder and lives in a perpetual state of fear.

I seriously could not have done this without Shuly. She was able to convince my mother to divest herself of things which I was not able to do (and my mother did so willingly and without tears or much pushback). Shuly has an innate ability to read a person’s personality, identify their organizing needs and coach the person into doing what is necessary.

There are not enough words to describe how much emotional stress she saved me during that move. My mother eventually passed away and, without having done the initial cull of her possessions (plus the fact that Shuly had laid out an intuitive system for finding everything), my brother and I would probably still be cleaning out my mother’s apartment 4 years later. I highly recommend Shuly."


drawing of boxes in order
drawing of boxes in order
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